Utah school shooting threat investigation leads to arrest in Virginia


    FARMINGTON — A person in Virginia has been arrested in connection with making threats at a school there, thanks to an alert student in Davis County.

    Officials from the Utah Department of Public Safety say the incident is a great example of how “see something, say something” works.

    “The young woman in Davis County did the right thing and reported suspicious activity,” according to a statement from the department.

    Earlier this week, state officials received information about a possible school shooting threat. A girl in Davis County saw the threat on Snapchat, which appeared to target a school in Garfield County, according to officials.

    The threat was reviewed and determined not to have anything to do with Utah, according to the department. However, a bulletin was sent out to law enforcement nationwide, which led to investigators linking the threat to “Gar-field High School in Virginia.”

    “A juvenile in Virginia was arrested by local law enforcement in connection to the threats made on social media,” the department said.

    State officials want to remind all residents and students that if they see activity that seems suspicious, they should call the Utah Department of Public Safety at 833-DPS-SAFE (833-377-7233).


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