West Jordan residents say Dannon Yogurt factory produces ‘foul smell,’ start petition


    WEST JORDAN, Utah — Residents in West Jordan say they’ve had enough from a Dannon Yogurt plant, that emits an “unhealthy and foul smell” from the late summer to winter time.

    Bethany Mikkelsen created a petition on change.org, hoping that it will urge city officials to work with residents and Dannon to find a solution to the smell.

    The plant is located on 6165 Dannon Way, near W. 9000 S.

    The petition stated that residents have attempted to reach out to Dannon, and even held a city council meeting 4-year-ago to try and solve the problem.

    “They [Dannon] admitted fault to this horrendous smell and promised to implement measures to stop the smell from emitting,” the petition said. Instead, residents said the smell has continued.

    “There are noise ordinances in place, how can there not be a smell ordinance when it makes our homes, yards, and neighborhoods a miserable place to be,” the petition wrote.

    Dannon was awarded an Environmental Achievement Award by West Jordan leaders and Utah Governor Gary Herbert in February, ” for their leadership
    and innovation in minimizing their environmental impact,” a West Jordan Newsletter stated.

    Fox 13 has reached out to Dannon to receive additional information or a statement on the yogurt plant.


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