Video: Provo High School welcomes students back with incredibly goofy lip-sync


    SALT LAKE CITY — Provo High School staff and faculty welcome students back to school in cheery fashion.

    The staff gathered together for a new video where they all lip-sync to the song “The Verge” by Owl City.

    The camera tours the entirety of the new Provo High School as staff and faculty parade around in celebration for the coming school year.

    “This fun video shows the enthusiasm and creativity we have in our faculty and staff at Provo High School. We love the students and are excited to be in a brand new building! Here’s to another great year of learning! Go Bulldogs 2018-2019!” reads the YouTube video description.

    The video ends with a giant dance number in the gymnasium.

    Watch below.

    Lip-sync videos pop up every now and again across the internet. This summer, police departments across the nation took part in a “lip-sync challenge,” in which they challenged other nearby police stations to engage in a lip-sync battle.

    Just this week, police departments in Connecticut, Michigan and Florida shared lip-sync battle videos.

    Earlier in August, the Salt Lake City Police Department shared a video of its officers engaging in the challenge, lip-syncing the song “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

    “But instead of riding a wrecking ball and smashing the walls of their past, these cops decided to ride a large tire — transformed into a pink doughnut topped with sprinkles — and smash into a stack of Banbury Cross Donuts,” I wrote for the Deseret News.


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